Vision & Mission


Divine Grace Temple is dedicated to presenting Jesus Christ as “The Way, The Truth, and The Life,” (John 14:6). We have a passion to win souls to Jesus Christ, to build the Kingdom of God by transforming lives and healing broken hearts.

The continual mission is to lead hurting people into a growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and testify of his faithfulness to save, to build, and to restore lives. Our responsibility goes far beyond meeting the spiritual needs, but it also encompasses being an avenue to provide resources to aid in the provisions for the whole man.

We are Jesus’ extended hands of love and compassion to lift people up and bring hope, encouragement, deliverance, and healing to those in need of spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery from any addiction (Luke 4:18-19). 


We recycle people through God’s love, the Word of God, the Blood of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit. We are called to equip, train, and instruct other believers in preparing for spiritual warfare. Our extended goal is to continue to expand the Ministry to help meet the spiritual needs as well as the physical needs on a daily basis of those we are called to serve.


We See the Vision by Faith: From Nothing to Something; we Say the Vision by Faith; we Grow the Vision by Faith: A Vision for the church, for the people, for marriages, for youth, children, singles, widows, elderly, and all mankind.




One thing we have learned is that everyone who is part of the Body of Christ is not necessarily a part of God’s Victorious Army for His End-Time plan. There are so many hurting people who need to be reached for God’s Kingdom, and we want to do our part.


With the awareness that the local church is the visible representation of the mission and purpose to win the lost to Jesus Christ, Divine Grace Temple passion is to represent Christ with excellence.

When we minister to the people’s need or when we influence their lives in a Godly way, whether we touch one life or one thousand lives, God considers us a success.

We provide an atmosphere through the Word of God, the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and exalt God through worship where people lives are healed, delivered, and transformed.



Worship God In Spirit and In Truth


Worship was never intended to be just Sunday morning songs or mid-week Bible study experience only; but rather worship should be a complete lifestyle that is active in every part of our daily lives. We provide an atmosphere that fulfills corporate worship encounters, that inspires other believers to engage in a life of healthy and wholesome private worship.

Equip God’s People For Growth

We believe that it is essential that maturity and spiritual growth should take place in every believer through disciplining, teaching, leadership training, and serving others. All discipleship methods must have the Word of God as its highest and final authority for every aspect of the ministry.


Empowering God’s People Through Outreach Service

It is the continuous responsibility of Divine Grace Temple’s missions and Ministries to become committed to giving aid to the whole man; the spirit, soul, and body.

We are a Sharing Community endeavoring to empower, improve, support, and make a difference in the lives of the people; demonstrate love and compassion for one another, develop a team player mutual trust, fellowship, and friendship among the people.

We engage in serving, supporting, and seeking the betterment of the home, the community, surrounding areas, and the world through outreach to promote social well-being.

We are a place of hope, and we reach out to humanity to provide care and support to feeding the homeless, visiting the prisons, nursing home facilities, the sick, provide social empowerment such as productive public education programs, food, and clothing to meet the needs of all people who are seeking a more sustainable life.

It is our vision to utilize all social media methods available to serve as a global ministry to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ out from the confines of the church.