Apostle Alice S. Martin


The Late Apostle Alice S. Martin along with her late husband Bishop Jimmie W. Martin is Co-Founder of Divine Grace Temple which began in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is the Chief Visionary, Pastor, and Apostle of Divine Grace Temple. She is a Special, Unique, Anointed, Chosen Ambassador for Christ and a powerful Prayer Warrior. She continues to lay down her life unselfishly to help build the Kingdom of God.

Apostle Martin believes in preaching and teaching the uncompromising Word of God. Her anointed life-changing messages and divine revelations provokes and challenges hearers to change as she ministers to the whole man. She provides leadership that ensures the spiritual growth and health of the spirit, soul, and body. Apostle Martin exercises great faith and determination, to accomplish her purpose and destiny. She has a passion to see the lives of individuals transformed and restored through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Apostle Martin speaks an in-season message from the heart of God, which manifest the power of the Holy Spirit, as she releases God’s supernatural power to equip His people. As a Visionary, she looks forward to expanding the Ministry to continue meeting the spiritual and physical needs of those she is called to serve.The

                                                      Pastor Harvey Lee Smith, Jr. 

Pastor Harvey L. Smith, Jr. (Affectionately Known as Brother Harvey), gave his Life to Jesus Christ in August, 1988 at Divine Grace Temple in New Orleans, Louisiana. Three days later, Jesus Christ appeared to him in Jackson County Jail and said, “Seek for Lost Souls;” and that Evening he Preached his First Sermon in Jackson County Jail and two Inmates Gave their Lives to Christ. For the last 32 years, Pastor Harvey has been Preaching the Message of Salvation and Love. He has Ministered in Jails, Prisons, Homeless Shelters, Disadvantaged Neighborhoods, and Churches of Different Denominations in Chicago, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Michigan, and Louisiana.

In 2009, God Revealed to Pastor Harvey a Vision that stated, “There Will be a Love Revolution in this Nation and in the World.” The Love Revolution Will Involve Churches of Different Denominations and People of All Races. The Message of Love is the Greatest, the Most Important, and the Most Needed Message Today.
On July 22, 2018, Pastor Harvey Lee Smith, Jr. was Ordained as Senior Pastor of Divine Temple in Gonzales, Louisiana by his Mother, the Late Apostle Alice S. Martin. He is an Anointed, Unique, and Chosen Vessel for Christ, and he Preach and Teach the Uncompromising Word of God.

His Life-Changing Messages and Divine Revelations Challenges the Hearers to Change as he Ministers to the Whole Person. As a Senior Pastor, he Provides Leadership that Ensures the Spiritual Growth and the Health of the Spirit, Soul, and Body. He has the Passion to see the Lives of Individuals Transformed and Restored Through the Word of God and the Power of the Holy Spirit. He Continues to lay down his Life unselfishly to Help Build the Kingdom of God.